Zoo Med Zml Bulb T5 Ho Crl Bl 460nm 22

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Zoo Med Zml Bulb T5 Ho Crl Bl 460nm 22 Description

Zoo Med’s Coral Blue High Output T5 lamp is ideal for reef aquarium applications. It features a special 460nm blend of phosphors that accentuate and intensify the blue color spectrum of your brilliant fish, corals, and invertebrates. The Coral Sun lamp distributes light evenly across the water’s surface, and generates less heat than metal halide lamps. The Zoo Med Coral Sun HO-T5 lamp is manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards. It is long-lasting, with an effective life of 10,000 hours. This HO-T5 lamp provides higher lumen output than ordinary T8 or T12 lamps, and is compatible with Zoo Med’s AquaSun T5 HO Double Light Fluorescent Hoods. This 54 watt 46 lamp will fit the 48 AquaSun fixture. For best results, combine with a Zoo Med UltraSun trichromatic Super Daylight lamp (sold separately).

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