Uckele Hoof Biotin – 6 Pounds

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Uckele Hoof Biotin The condition of a horse’s hooves, coat, and skin are generally a reflection of his overall health. Because the equine hoof is so metabolically active and constantly growing, nutritional deficiencies often manifest in the hoof. These can show as slow growth, cracking, chipping, and thin and brittle walls. Highly concentrated Uckele Hoof Biotin provides support for cracked hooves, promotes tissue development, and maintains strong hoof walls to help grow strong, tough hooves. It contains Biotin, to support the health and growth of keratin and other connective tissue, Methionine for the growth of healthy hooves, and Zinc to maintain the proper production of proteins in skin, hair, and hooves. Features: Highly concentrated supplemental source of Biotin, Zinc, and Methionine Excellent maintenance product for healthy hooves Provides support for cracked hooves Pomotes tissue development Maintains strong hoof walls Item Specifications: Size: 18 oz. jar (100-day supply) Directions for Use: Feed 2 tsp per day in divided doses for the 20 days. Feed 1 tsp per day thereafter as a maintenance dose. Scoop included.

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