Ocean Free Arowana O Disease

Ocean Free Arowana O Disease Description

Size:500 ML Functions and treatments: . Bacteria infection (tail, body, fin rot, popping eyes, dropsy, ulcer) . Parasite infection (white spots, hexamita, trichodina, nematodes, gill flukes) . Fungi infection (cotton wool disease) . Gill diseases . Improves water quality . Stops cross infection of new fishes in existing tank . Specially formulated for arowanas, stingrays, and other large size fishes . Specially made from herbal extracts 125 ml treats 2,500 liters 500 ml treats 5,000 liters OCEAN FREE IS A BRAND THAT SPECIALIZES IN AROWANA PRODUCTS SINCE THEY ARE ONE OF THE BIGGEST BREEDERS AND EXPORTERS OF THE PRIZED ASIAN AROWANA!

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Essential, you should buy just high-quality items, giving choice to verified brands. This is actually the kind of Ocean Free Arowana O Disease we offer to the customers. All of us understand how essential their period is, and we do not have inferior goods. Purchasing this or that device from all of us, you can be certain of its top quality and higher efficiency associated with work with the use.


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