KOLAR Labs- Bio Pellets (Large Jar, 1.32 lbs)

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KOLAR Labs- Bio Pellets (Large Jar, 1.32 lbs) Description

Reduce Nitrates and eliminate Algae problems with Solid Carbon Dosing. Pure PHA Bio Pellet Pearls! N+P reducing algae prevention. Metabolix is the original supplier of genuine pure Biopellets tested and created for the aquarium market. Real Pearl shaped pellets. Large, plump pillow shaped pearls, best for fluidizing. Bio-Pellet Resin is made from all natural plant material and biodegrades in water. As the pellet’s degrade they release carbon into the water which promotes the growth of nitrogen fixing bacteria. These bacteria convert nitrates and ammonia into nitrogen gas and proteins. Add pellets to a fluidized bed reactor connected to your aquarium. Adjust flow to insure that the pellets swirl slightly towards the top of the reactor. Replace with more pellets as they degrade to about 50%. Use 8-16 fluid ounces (1-2 cups) per treatment. This resin is fully tested for contact with aquarium environments and designed for the purpose of di-nitrification of tank water

KOLAR Labs- Bio Pellets (Large Jar, 1.32 lbs) buy

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