Giddyap Girls BioEZ

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Giddyap Girls BioEZ Description

Size:32 oz. BioEZ is A synergistic blend of live probiotics, digestive enzymes and probiotics – to help improve break down of feeds and increase nutrient absorption in the digestive system.    For all horses at every stage of life, whether they are breeding stock, pleasure or performance. BioEZ provides multiple live viable probiotics to help keep your horse’s digestive tract healthy and balanced, and manage digestive stress caused by hay fluctuations, stress, competition, transport, surgery, hospitalization, disease, training, unhealthy or changes in diet. BioEZ contains a wide array of natural digestive enzymes… that function to break down feed more thoroughly … enabling greater uptake of nutrients. This specially formulated equine product is recommended daily to assist in maintaining normal levels of gut flora as a preventive measure from colic. Supports Healthy Digestion Promotes Regularity Ideal during Antibiotic Therapy and After DeWorming Helps with Seasonal Hay or Water Changes Supports Intestinal and Immune Health Improves Hooves, Coat, Skin More Energy & Stamina Better Attitude & Focus Decrease Gas – Hay Belly Excellent for Older Horses Made in the USA

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