Fritz PRO – F/2 Algae Food PTB- 1 Gallon

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Fritz PRO – F/2 Algae Food PTB- 1 Gallon Description

Part B of a two-part growth medium for algae growth. Microalgae is an important food source for aquatic animals. Penaeid shrimp, fresh-water prawns, Artemia sp., Bivalve mollusks, etc., Have been successfully raised utilizing algae. Mass cultivation of microalgae requires a mixture of vitamins and minerals to supply nutrients for maximum growth. Our special formulation in two solutions (solution “a” and solution “b”), keeping separate vitamins from trace elements, allows for storage without the decomposition of vitamins or precipitation of trace elements. This pre-made formula allows the aqua culturist to devote time to culturing organisms, instead of agonizing over analytical balances. F/2 algae food supplies essential vitamins and minerals in a complete, easy to use liquid form in the concentrations according to Guillard’s 1975 f/2 formulation. F/2 algae food, used as directed, allows fast growth rate and high cell densities to be achieved.

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