Classic Equine Neoprene Bell Boots

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Classic Equine Neoprene Bell Boots Description

These are great protective bell boots to use on your horses. They are soft around the fetlock area for those sensitive horses. Although they only come in black and white for the colors, they will match any other splint boots or sports medicine boots you use. Dimensions: Small: 13.5′ around and 4′ in height Medium: 14.5′ around and 4′ in height Large: 15′ around and 4 1/4′ in height Features Wrap around design provides a double layer of protection to the horse’s foot. Softer design for horses sensitive in the fetlock area. Great for horses that have corrective shoeing due to its flexible design. Lined with shock absorbing nitrate. Double velcro closures ensure that the boot remains secure in the most adverse conditions

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